Sex sessions with live silicone love dolls

Throughout your life, you're probably going to have a lot of different types of sex. There will likely be Nicolas Sparks-worthy passion, a few regrettable decisions, abusing silicone love dolls, experiments that don't turn out as planned, and all of the good, bad, and ugly in between. So think of the following as noteworthy points on your sexual resume.

Awkward first time sex with silicone love dolls

Okay, so it's not any kind of sex that you'll want to have again, but hey, it's an important milestone of your sexual career. After all that fumbling, there is no place to go but up, and you get to graduate to femjoy sex that is a lot more fun.

The first time you know what you doing with silicone love dolls

Maybe it takes you a few tries after your first time, but one day, everything clicks. You're no longer a fumbling amateur who feels like you're guessing your way through everything, but a fully-fledged sex-haver.

The zero inhibitions sex

Whether it happens when you're feeling extra ballsy on vacation or when you're one martini over your limit, see this sex session is when you totally let go. You'll turn up the volume, try things you haven't had the guts to before, and drive both you and your partner completely wild.

The makeup sex that is worth the fight

Who even remembers what you were arguing about after sex this ridiculously good? But be warned, that orgasm should not be an excuse to pick a petty fight next week, too.

Sex that’s good you accidentally break things

This is when you're so out of your mind with pleasure that you have pretty much no control over where you grab, flail, and kick. So the lamp is shattered, your shower curtain is ripped, your headboard is broken, and your laptop is fried after that glass of water dropped on it.

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